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Budget Plans

Let American Fuel make your winter fuel oil bills not only less stressful but completely manageable for all of our South Shore customers. When you enroll in American Fuel’s Budget Plan, you have made a treaty for peace of mind, even Uncle Sam agrees.

  • Enjoy consistent, evenly distributed heating oil bills on an 12-month payment period.
  • Take the guesswork out of your heating expenses and experience predictable payments.

How it works is simple:

  1. We estimate the fuel usage of your home based on previous years’ consumption, future weather patterns, and your family’s heating preferences to find the amount of oil you will use for the following year.
  2. We divide that total by the budget months to give you a consistent, monthly payment throughout the year.
  3. Enjoy stress-free, worry-free heat all winter with added automatic delivery included in your Budget Plan free of charge.