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Winter Safety Tips

Winter on the South Shore of Massachusetts can be brutal, to say the least. Here at American Fuel, our top priority is keeping our customers safe and warm through the coldest months of the year. While we take all necessary measures to keep our delivery team on track, please review the following winter safety tips to ensure that your home is ready for cold season. These precautions will help our delivery drivers deliver your heating fuel safely and on schedule.

  1. Clear a path to your tank
    As snow begins to accumulate, it is difficult for our delivery drivers to access your tank without a properly cleared pathway. Clearing a path to your tank’s fill will help our drivers access your tank safely and quickly. We appreciate all of you that take the time to do this!
  2. Maintain your driveway
    Just like clearing a path to the tank, keeping your driveway clear of ice and snow is essential to allow our fuel trucks to enter your property. If you are unable to plow or shovel your driveway, please contact us.
  3. Keep fuel in your tank
    Running out of heating oil can lead to a serious safety hazard in your home. If you are a will-call delivery customer, make sure you place your fuel orders regularly. A no-heat situation will not only interrupt your family’s comfort; it can seriously damage your equipment. We recommend customers order oil when their tank level reads 25% full. To avoid this issue, you can sign up for our automatic delivery service!
  4. Store Wisely
    During the winter months, basements are often full of storage, holiday wrapping, and more. Keep any flammable debris away from your heating system and oil tank.

Thank you to our valued customers who employ these winter safety tips every season. We look forward to keeping your home or business safe and warm through many winters to come! Have questions? Contact American Fuel to learn more winter safety and energy-saving tips.