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Hingham, MA Oil Delivery & HVAC Service

Oil Heating Repairs, Service, and Installations

If you live in Hingham, MA and are in need of a new boiler, furnace, or water heater, American Fuel is just the company to contact. We sell, install, and service a wide range of energy-efficient oil heat equipment, designed to burn less fuel while keeping you comfortable. Not ready to upgrade your equipment to high efficiency? We also offer heating system repairs, annual tune-ups, and comprehensive service plans.

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American Fuel: Hingham, MA’s Oil Company

You deserve the best heating, cooling, and oil delivery service available in Hingham, MA. When you’re looking for the perfect company to suit your needs, make sure you get the following benefits: prompt fuel delivery, competitive oil fuel pricing, and reliable service for all of your HVAC needs. We at American Fuel are pleased to exceed that standard! BECOME A CUSTOMER

Affordable Fuel Oil Pricing for You

Are you looking for today’s heating oil price in Hingham, MA? You can always count on American Fuel for fair fuel and service pricing and reliable delivery. Heating oil is popular in MA for its low price, which has remained consistently affordable when compared to natural gas and propane. We at American Fuel are proud to deliver a heating fuel that is so reliable and affordable for our customers. For the current oil prices in Hingham, MA, call our friendly customer service staff at (617) 773-2400. BECOME A CUSTOMER

Heating Oil Delivery in Massachusetts

Homeowners in Hingham, MA know that heating oil is the safest, most affordable, and most abundant heating fuel around to combat MA’s freezing winters. Knowing that the fuel is safe for your home and family is most important, but do you know about the added benefit to placing your oil order with American Fuel? In accordance with Massachusetts’ state-wide movement, we deliver ultra-low sulfur (ULS) heating oil, which is a refined version of standard home heating oil that does more for your heating equipment and our planet, and using it requires no modifications to your existing heating oil equipment! Keep reading to learn the benefits of ULS, or place your order now: REQUEST A FUEL DELIVERY

Air Conditioning Installations & Repairs

We at American Fuel are much more than a fuel provider for Hingham, MA. Along with high-quality ULS heating oil delivery, processional heating system repairs and installations, we also offer complete A/C service. Whether you would like to schedule an air conditioning repair, annual cooling system maintenance, or a central air conditioning or mini-split installation, trust the experts here at American Fuel.

  • Air Conditioning Repairs
  • Air Conditioning Tune-Ups
  • Central Air Conditioning Installation
  • Installation of Ductless Mini-Split A/C Unit

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ULS Heating Oil Benefits

Heating oil in Massachusetts has gotten a makeover, and is cleaner than ever! Ultra-low sulfur (ULS) heating oil is helping to ensure a safer, healthier future for families in our community. What Is ULS? Ultra-low sulfur heating oil has just 15 parts per million sulfur content, compared to the 3,000ppm content in traditional heating oil. The transition to ULS heating oil is a state-wide initiative requiring all oil distributed in our state to be ULS heating oil.

  • Burns cleaner, extending equipment life
  • Produces significantly fewer emissions
  • Compatible with existing oil heat systems

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Hingham, MA

Frequently Asked Questions about Heating Oil

Is oil heat safe?
Heating oil is widely recognized as one of the safest available heating fuels in the state of Massachusetts. It’s a non-explosive heating fuel and is one of the best energy sources for homeowners in Hingham, MA.

Is oil heat good for the environment?

With lower-than-ever greenhouse gas emissions, ultra-low sulfur heating oil being distributed throughout New England, and oil heat has never been better for the environment than it is now.

Should I switch to natural gas or propane?

Converting to natural gas can cost more than $10,000 in parts and service, while upgrading your current boiler or furnace to energy-efficient equipment can save you a significant amount of money on your annual fuel bills for many years.

Which oil company should I choose for my heating oil delivery and HVAC service?

You can count on American Fuel for prompt delivery and reliable service in Hingham, MA. Trust that we are available to assist you any time you need us, 24/7. Simply call us at (617) 773-2400 when you need assistance.
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